Anorak News | Madonna’s Joker Face Is Hewn From Stone

Madonna’s Joker Face Is Hewn From Stone

by | 6th, August 2008

TAKE a gander at Madonna, with her “Mount Rushmore cheekbones, the angular jawline, the smoothed forehead, the plumped skin, the heartlike shape of the face“.

Madonna is on the cover of New York magazine. The accompanying article says Madonna has the “ultimate face”.

The ultimate face for what is not said.

But a clue comes via the Telegraph, which quotes Writer Jonathan Van Meter:

“Looking at Madonna, I kept thinking of the British expression for reconditioning a saddle: having it ‘restuffed’.”

The allegation seems to be that Madonna has gone under the knife to spare her from the celebrity knacker’s yard.

And we all know how dangerous knives can be.

Liz Rosenberg, Madonna’s publicist, as saying: “Whatever Madonna has had done – and I really don’t know – she looks truly amazing.”

As this recent picture of her proves…

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