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The Great British Ginsters Snail Race

by | 10th, August 2008

IN the food Olympics what food-style product would Team GB enter?

Anorak considers the alternatives and answering the criteria of higher, faster, stronger, Anorak advocates the Ginsters slice.

But fast food has a slow after taste as Simon Enticknap, from Basingstoke, Hampshire, bites into his mid-morning livener and encounters a snail.

Mr Enticknbap takes up the tale:

“It was about seven o’clock and I hadn’t had any breakfast. I’d eaten about half of it when there was a nasty crunch at my back teeth. I spat it out and when I realised what it was, I was physically sick out the van, although my mate thought it was hilarious.”

The Great British pie, the Great British sense of humour and the Great British chunder all in one tableau. It’s slice of life stuff.

A Ginsters spokesman replies:

“It appears that the object came in with a delivery of fresh mushrooms and had not been removed by our rigorous washing process, which is an extremely rare occurrence. We have sent a further letter of apology to Mr Enticknap along with £25 for the inconvenience caused, and we thanked Mr Enticknap for taking the trouble to bring the matter to our attention.”

Says Mr Enticknap: “This was a whole snail and even if it escaped the washing process, I don’t understand how it got through the slicing and chopping.”

One hastens to reply: by cunning, agility and raw nerve…

‘Tis the Great British snail…

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