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Madeleine McCann: Tourist Has New Pictures Of Tapas 7 For Sale

by | 13th, August 2008

PAULO Reis has published an interesting piece of information on the Madeleine McCann case on his site. Read on:

McCann case: 24 pictures that may help to re-open the case

A tourist who was (allegedly) at the Tapas Bar, on the night of May 3, took several pictures where the table with the McCanns and their friends is visible.

The tourist was with his wife and another couple and they took pictures from each other, with the McCann table on the background.

The owner of the pictures is (said to be) negotiating with several British newspapers to sell the rights for an exclusive publication, but with a condition: before being published, the pictures must be sent to the Portuguese police.

The tourist is well aware that the pictures may have important evidence related with a crime and not sending it to police is considered also a crime, in his country.

Yesterday, a well known legal office from UK (allegedly) knew about the existence of those pictures and contacted the owner, offering to buy all pictures for 600,000 Euros. But the British lawyers didn’t accept the condition set by the owner – that the pictures should be sent to the Portuguese police, just before the transaction. The lawyers’ office wanted to be free to choose the moment when the pictures would be send to Portuguese authorities, so the offer was refused by the tourist.

The original article is here:

Wrires Carmen:

Assuming that the above is true and genuine, it begs the question, when exactly did ‘British lawyers’ feel that they were able to dictate when information in a criminal case should be handed over to the police? Is Madeleine not a Ward of Court, are they not officers of the court? Do they not have a duty to the court – the British court – not just the Portuguese court, to instantly hand over any information that may be pertinent to solving the riddle of what happened to Madeleine.

I have mixed feelings regarding the purchase of information when it is done by newspapers, but is this a new era, that information is being purchased by lawyers, who then decide what to do with it?

Why has the tourist not come forward before?

What or whom, is, or is not, in those photographs that makes them worth 600,000 euros.

Where is the 600,000 euros coming from – the last we heard the McCann Find Madeleine fund was down to it’s last 480,000 euros.So it could not possibly be the legal firm involved with the McCann Fund…could it?

One other question would be if the tourist sold the pictures to a legal firm intent on suppression – would the gent have his collar felt?

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