Anorak News | Left Wing Student Wants Australian Soldier To Die

Left Wing Student Wants Australian Soldier To Die

by | 18th, August 2008

FIGHTING for freedom, and freedom of expression in Iraq. Fighting so that people can talk to a soldier like this:

RICHARD SHARPE: No soldier loves war. We are far too close to it to be caught up in the idea of romantic heroism. We do what we do because there are some real bad people out there. There are also good people who need our help.

We are not saints. There will always be someone who spoils it for the rest. Most of what we do we do for each other. The bigger picture really only snaps into focus in an instant and gets just as quickly buried under the minutiae of operational life. Those brief moments though, the kid smiling as you drive past, seeing a school open for the first time in years, watching the women walking to the markets safe from murder and rape, help you understand why it is sometimes necessary to inflict violence in order to prevent it.

You also gain an understanding of why it is the free western democracies on which this burden falls, not out of an imperialist drive to subjugate lesser peoples, but to give them the chance to strive for the way of life that people like you take for granted.

PETER JONES: Well Richard Sharpe,

I can only hope that you are blown up by a roadside bomb.


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