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Poppa Dumb: Shilpa Greets Jade Goody In India

by | 18th, August 2008

JADE Goody is to enter the Big Brother house in India, slowing the local that there former colonial overlords have evolved from the stiff-upper-lipped, subjugating and jingoistic ninnies of old to something altogether less pleasant.

Shilpa Shetty, aka Shilpa Poppadom, who encountered Goody The Hoody on Celebrity Big Brother is now retuned to “where she come from”, as Danielle Lloyd advised.

Says Shilpa: “She’s going in as someone who has had misconceptions about our country. I hope Jade learns first hand about our culture and how wonderful our people are.”

Wotzat, Shilps? Nah, can’t understand yer. Anorak will translate Shilpa’s quixotic brand of a pure form of English that Jade and our readers can savy:

“I fink Jade’s rite minger and wiv any luk she’ll ger ‘erselves beetn up, or at leest glasst.”

Game on…

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