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Biggie Smalls Shot In The Head

by | 19th, August 2008

THE dangers in naming your pet after a US rapper gunned down in his prime were always clear and present.
Biggie Smalls’ days were numbered.

And now the cat has been shot.

News in the Metro seat warmer is that two-year-old Biggie has been blinded in one eye after being hit by airgun pellets “fired by thugs”.

Or not. Biggie is just the latest victim in a spare of drive-by-shootings that has seen five other cats attacked in St Austell, Cornwall.

It has all the markings, and scent, of a turf war, and Anorak has obtained exclusive footage of armed cats, and notes how many look like Hitler.

Says Biggie’s stunned owners, who “wish to remain anonymous”: “We’re deeply shocked and saddened that our lovely Biggie has been used for target practice in such a sick way.”

Biggie offers no comment, and is happy to bide his time…

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