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Biased BBC: Israel On Israel

by | 19th, August 2008

DAVID VANCE looks at the Middle East through the BBC’s squinting eye:

I see the BBC delights in telling us that Israel is concerned about the number of violent attacks happening in Judea/Samaria (or “West Bank” in BBC talk). The attacks flagged up are being carried out by Jewish settlers. The BBC helpfully shows an accompanying still from the alleged video taken by a pro-Palestinian group Yesh Din to demonstrate just how vicious the Jews living in this area can be. One could be forgiven for thinking that the Palestinians are innocent little lambs. There is never any mention of the barbarity that Palestinians show towards these “settlers. Then again, presenting these people as the aggressors is all part of the ongoing Palestinian propaganda campaign- lapped up and regurgitated by the BBC…

Quote your sources and let the viewer decide…


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