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Threats To X-Factor Judges

by | 20th, August 2008

DANNII Minogue has “fled an X Factor audition after being threatened by a reject’s entire family”.

If anyone should know how a family member’s success can affect the rest of her clan it is Kylie’s sister. So what happened?

The Mirror says the rejected wannabe and his family “lay in wait to corner the show judge”. And rearrange her rearranged features?

Well, we will never know because “petrified” Dannniiiiiiiii (that’ll be the Botox) “fled the audition room – and came back with Simon Cowell’s bodyguard”.

Says Danniiiiiiiiiiii: “I hid near him. If I feel frightened, I’ll always run to him. Tony’s a friendly giant but I wouldn’t mess with him.”

The X-Factor judges have learned a lot form Big Brother, where the contest is to see who can be the touchiest and then take the most offence.

An ITV source said: “It was eye-opening for Cheryl who’d never seen a confrontation like it.” That’s Dannniiii’s co-X-Fact judge Cheryl Cole who was once convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on a toilet attendant…

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