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Jenna Jameson Does Baby Fashion

by | 20th, August 2008

ODD indeed that Paris Hilton should be so famous when Jenna Jameson has made so many more straight-to-tissue videos, and porn is so mainstream?

What’s more Jenna is blonde and has a child on the way. And that means she either has:

a) Written a children’s book?
b) Been shopping at a Third World orphanage?
c) Starred in the film Three Men Making A Baby?
d) Brought out a range of children’s fashion?

The answer is d. The rest are in the planning stage.

Says Jenna:

“After I learned of my pregnancy, I wanted to create a collection of baby gear I’d like to see in my own nursery. It’s no secret that porn has gone mainstream these days, just take a look at that racy Gossip Girls show or the huge popularity of those slutty Bratz Dolls.”

A million and more sweaty-palmed men living in secure accommodation can’t be wrong. Old Mr Anorak wonders: “Do Jenna’s baby clothes come in adult sizes..?”

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