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Wanted For Ransom: Two-Headed Turtle and Four-Eared Cat

by | 20th, August 2008

HOW do you hunt a two-headed turtle?

Such a creature has been “snatched” from its tank at an animal shelter in New York. So says the Sun. But might not the beast have made a bid for freedom, and succeeded?

Sean Casey of the Sean Casey Animal Rescue home in Brooklyn “said it must be fed by hand — or the two heads will fight over the food”.

Chances are that if the two heads fall out, the turtle’s superstructure will make very little progress, at best moving in a slow circular fashion.

But we fear it has been turtle napped. Such mutant beasts are not without their allure.

The Telegraph reports on a cat with four ears – “Cat with four ears ‘a target for catnappers’ – This four-eared cat is so rare that his owners keep him indoors to prevent him getting catnapped.”

And held for ransom, each day an ear being sent to the cat’s owners in the post and a threat for more money “or else” the creature will be made to look normal…

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