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Gary Glitter’s Gonna Get You

by | 21st, August 2008

GARY Glitter is gonna get you. He’s gonna get you in Vietnam. He’s gonna get you in Thailand. He’s gonna get you in Hong Kong.

And when he comes back to the UK, he’s gonna get you here, too.

“NOWHERE TO RUN,” says the Mirror’s front-page headline.

Not Glitter. You.

There’s a picture of the revolting Glitter and news that he’s been “shut out of Hong Kong”. On the Mirror’s website, readers learn “Gary Glitter flies to Hong Kong from Thailand”.

Glitter is in Hong Kong. Glitter is not in Hong Kong.

Where’s Gary? Can you see him coming? He’s coming to get you. Where? Who knows. When? Can’t say.

But best stay indoors and be good children.

Best shut the door and sloe the windows. Best be good little boys and girls…

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