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Olympic Balls: Guns And Knives For Bikes

by | 21st, August 2008

HEY, kidz. Do as the Mirror says: “Dump those guns and knives and get on your bike.”

And the Mirror is talking to you kidz, and not to the Russian forces in Georgia, the Americans in Iraq or the jihadis in your broom cupboard.

Britain’s Olympic cycling mastermind David Brailsford has joined the Mirror’s Stop Knives, Save Lives campaign.

“With better facilities, maybe our kids would put down their guns and knives, get on their bikes for a while – and not go back to their weapons.”

Or uses guns and knives to obtain better facilities by taxing you of your bike in the park, or your cash in the subway?

We need better facilities. We need our kidz to get on their bikes – or your bike – and find them…

The 2012 Games are coming – are you ready?

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