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Watching Victoria Beckham For Signs Of Food: Posh Sues Now Magazine

by | 21st, August 2008

HER Poshness, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, is doing as Posh people so and suing Now magazine over claims she uses diet pills.

It is incredibly that someone who looks like an extra from a Lowrie rendering of Tenko should be the subject of so much chatter about her diet.

It’s a bit like those giant pandas, who don’t have sex – the media spends all day watching for a sign of coitus, while over in the monkey enclosure everyone’s at it like, well, the rabbits in the petting zoo. But look, is that a bamboo shoot, or is Ming Ming aroused?

Says Beckham’s agent Jo Milloy:

“The accusation is dangerous, defamatory and blatantly untrue. Victoria takes her position as a role model to young women very seriously and is horrified by this hurtful, fabricated story. It is now with her lawyers.”

How sticky Vicky defends the allegation will give reason for hacks to write about her weight, or lack of it.

Because Vicky is a role model. Let’s consider the evidence:

A source told New magazine: “Victoria has told the girls her secret to staying trim is 200 sit-ups a day and a diet of soya edamame beans, strawberries and lettuce.”

Although – take care, fans – not in the same glass.

Victoria Beckham loves eating puddings: TV chef Gordon Ramsay has revealed the former Spice Girl really enjoys her food and her favourite part of dinner is the desert. Gordon said: “Victoria is a real foodie. She actually really likes puddings.”

Actually. Really. Like wow.

And then there’s the source who says she hardly does any exercise.

A close friend of the celebrity confirms, “She can go a whole day eating almost nothing and just drinking lots of tea. She has no appetite whatsoever because her stomach has shrunk.”

Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham’s friendship may be the reason why they stay so thin after revelations about their bizarre food sharing diet. An LA restaurant has told how the pair split meals and water down their drinks when dining there.

The former Spice Girls star – who has three children with husband David – has been gorging on natto, made from fermented soy beans, because its vitamin PPQ content helps fix scarred skin and also increases energy levels.

Anorak is easily impressionable and is now living just like Her Poshness. When we eat, we’ll tell you about it…

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