Anorak News | Prison Files Lost: Gary Glitter Identifies Villains

Prison Files Lost: Gary Glitter Identifies Villains

by | 22nd, August 2008

“THOUSANDS of criminal files lost in data fiasco,” announces the Times.

Old Mr Anorak smiles and mutters something about it all being a terrific misunderstanding anyhow, and that he can now return to Wales.

The Mail puts it in more chilling terms: “DANGER CRIMINAL FILES GO MISSING.”

Those front-page words dice with a picture of Gary Glitter for our attention. Not all villains are now invisible. We have Glitter, and will watch him like a hawk at a nudists’ colony.

The files were stored on a memory stick, and featured un-encrypted details about 10,000 prolific offenders and data on all 84,000 prisoners in England and Wales.

The data was in the care of private company PA Consulting, whose spokesman tells us that it was “held in a secure format on site and downloaded onto a memory stick for processing – which has since been lost”.

Says the Home Office (reading). “The data was held in a secure format on the contractor’s site. It was downloaded on to a memory stick for processing purposes which has since been lost. The transfer of data on this assignment to the external contractor has been suspended.”

Anorak wonders if there is copy of the stick’s data, or if it was the only one and we now have no idea who is in jail?

Thankfully, Gary Glitter is returned and if anyone can help finger underworld nasties and identify everyone in jail it is he.
Pass the electrodes, he’s going to tell us everything…

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