Anorak News | Us And Chen: The War Of Sarah Stevenson’s Foot

Us And Chen: The War Of Sarah Stevenson’s Foot

by | 23rd, August 2008

SARAH Stevenson is a Briton abroad in the summertime. There she is kicking a foreigner in the face. More power to her foot.

What’s this? Anorak reveling in uber violence? Nothing of it. This is the Olympics, and Sarah has put in the hard yards to be able to kick allowed to kick a foreinger in the face, throat and head in peacetime and away from a football ground.

Here’s Sarah Stevenson kicking China’s Chen Zhong in the face. Wahmmo! That’s gotta hurt. But the judges don’t see it.

Chen wins, proetevting her record of never having lost in the Olympics before, claiming the gold medal in the 2000 and 2004 Games.

That’s her with the bleeding nose and the lob-sided face. “Wot kicksh in de faysh?” she tells Chinese camera crews and hacks. “Zish isht un greeet dai futr Ckina.”

But the Olympcis are on the telly. And the vido judges look. Did Chen fall down the stairs? Was she hit by Chainese tank? Or was she kicked?

Video studied. Decision reversed. Stevenson wins!

And the war with China looms ever larger…

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