Anorak News | Rebecca Adlington: UK Olympians Puts Manners Before Medals

Rebecca Adlington: UK Olympians Puts Manners Before Medals

by | 24th, August 2008

REBECCA Adlington is in conversation with the Mail. Who she? She’s young (a teenager), blonde and dressed in a swimsuit.

No, this is the Mail, not some down market redtop that encourages its readers to perv at the strumpets. Ms Adlington, of the Beijing Adlingtons, is a swimmer and she’s here to “RESTORE YOUR FAITH IN BRITAIN”.

Rebecca’s loves a good roast. No. No, not a Faliraki spit roast, but a roast from her mummy’s over. Says Rebecca:

“I love my mother’s roast and my plate is always filled twice as high as everyone else’s.”

Greedy Britain? Nothing of it, Says Rebecca:

“For me being British is about politeness, kindness and fair play. You see it in the athletes’ village: people from other countries can be quite aggressive, pushing in queues and not treating each other with respect – but our lot are the complete opposite and I love that.”

“After you,” say Britain’s runners to their foe. Manners before medals is the mantra.

Says Rebecca: “The Brits are saying things like, ‘Sorry, you go first’.” And we imagine the Chinese, Russians and American do.

Manners before medals…

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