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Outrage As Manchester’s Myra Hindley Promotes London Olympics

by | 25th, August 2008

“HINDELY CRASHES OLYMPIC PARY,” says the Mirror. Myra Hindley is at the London Olympics.

Is Team GB so desperate for gold medals we are including not only drugs contests but utilising the very worst to be the very best?

To go with child killing, is crying in public to be an Olympic Sport (Diana would have wanted it that way). What about medals awarded for paedo spotting, weather talking and media demonising, the contest in which the world’s hacks, assembled for the great sporting occasion, are incited to think up a scare story?

Says the Mail:

There was anger last night after London tourist chiefs showed a promotional video featuring a picture of Myra Hindley during their post-Beijing Games party. The video fleetingly featured a notorious painting of the Moors murderer by artist Marcus Harvey, which shows her face made up of thousands of children’s handprints.

What should we do if we’ve looked at the image? Should we pluck out our eyes and wash them in bromine? We need guidance…

A source at No 10 said: ‘This is a complete disgrace. Whoever is responsible should be found and fired immediately.’

In the Mirror a spokesman for London mayor Boris Johnson tells us:

“He is deeply disturbed that this image has gone out. He firmly believes it should not have been used. It is wrong that a film promoting London should include Myra Hindley. It is deeply offensive to most people for understandable reasons.”

Indeed. Hindley was jailed for life along with her lover Ian Brady for the murders of four children between 1963 and 1964 in what became known as the ‘Moors Murders”. She died in custody in 2002.
She was born in Manchester and buried her victims on Saddleworth Moor, near the city.

Says a source:

“If we are going to promote London 2012, can we at least have a London killer, someone like John Christie, Jack The Ripper, Stephen Lawrence’s killers or Dr Crippen..?

“That some Northern monkey should muscle in on OUR Games is disgusting and an affront to the hard working…”

Continues for four years…

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