Anorak News | London 2012: Toddler Shoots Baby Brother

London 2012: Toddler Shoots Baby Brother

by | 26th, August 2008


So says the Sun on its over page. We are ashamed and appalled.

Do you people learn nothing? Are we so pig ignorant? You need to be aged 18 to enter the Olympic pistol shooting contests, and with the London Games in four years time, all five-year-olds should lay down their arms.

Better they take up gymnastics, or a knife like all the other kidz.

Of course this story is not complete. There is grim news that wants telling. The Sun reports:

Rashid Rullah, 18 months, was critically ill with a pellet from a .22 air rifle in his skull. Little Rashid was shot after his dad put his air rifle down to answer the phone. Rashid’s older sister Asna Almas picked up the weapon and pulled the trigger as the youngsters played in their back garden.

There is no suggestion of sibling rivalry gone mad. This was an accident, by all accounts. We wish the child well and a speedy and full recovery.

And let us not blame the father, who is reportedly a member of a shooting club. The website of the London Games explains:

Shooting is a fun way to learn discipline and responsibility. In the UK, more than 350,000 people currently practice the sport, with equal numbers of boys and girls entering competitions.

Anorak’s in-house shootish expert explains: “Shooting is a safe sport. Just look how many people get killed playing football, throwing javelins or engaging in ultra volleyball with hand grenades.

“And don’t get me started on athletics…”

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