Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: The Bill, Durham Police And Gary Glitter Is Paedos’ ‘Our Maddie’

Madeleine McCann: The Bill, Durham Police And Gary Glitter Is Paedos’ ‘Our Maddie’

by | 1st, September 2008

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DAILY MIRROR: “Maddy cops vetoed Brit help offer”

But British police have assisted in the McCann case. No?

Portuguese police turned down an offer to help find Madeleine McCann from Britain’s most senior murder investigator, it has emerged.


Durham Chief Constable John Stoddart wanted to send a team of elite detectives to Praia da Luz after she went missing in 2007. But Stoddart, chair of the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Homicide Working Group, was “disappointed” when the Policia Judiciaria vetoed the idea.

Well, they did have their own men on the job. And what has Durham to do with the case?

He said: “I would like to have sent a team out there to provide some support to the investigation team. I’m disappointed that we couldn’t help out. I think we would have provided some expert advice and support.”

Durham, where all crimes are cleared up. Says the Home Office: Type of crime: “Missing Persons”. Performance: “Fair”. Not good. Not excellent. Fair.

Says the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell:

“It is not surprising. However, our own investigations continue and we are following up several leads.”

More on those to follow…

THE GUARDIAN: “How the gang turned on Gary”

Since I never liked the look (still less the music) of Glitter anyway, I’m not even going to try. But popular hatred, once aroused, can be hard to control. The Sun implicitly invited readers to look out for Gadd, asking for pictures of him “out and about”. The false sightings could exceed those of Madeleine McCann.

I see him in my nightmares…

THE INDEPENDENT: “The Bill: Britain’s most famous television police drama is almost an industry in its own right”

Young says those who watch The Bill identify with its characters in a more “real” way than they do with those of other series. He adds that the scriptwriting team is currently debating how far they can go with a story about post-natal depression. “You’d be really cautious about something directly related to, say, [the disappearance of] Madeleine McCann,” he adds. “We have a constant dialogue with people at ITV to make sure there is no cross over. To see such a thing regurgitated in a drama looks cheap and exploitative. It is unnecessary. You would even be cautious telling something where the names were changed.”

Missing kids. Now that’s entertainment…

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