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Big Brother Does Away With Reality

by | 1st, September 2008

BIG BRother in the US does away with reality and replaces a homophic rant with a cutesy phrase:

Ah, CBS. We were expecting for Big Brother to not air preacher’s son Ollie‘s homophobic rants that were captured on the live feeds — but during last night’s episode, the show completely fabricated the entire scene. As you may recall, Ollie lashed out at fellow contestant Memphis during a heated argument in the backyard, and as Ollie walked away he told Memphis to “suck my dick, little faggot.” Memphis replied, “What did you just call me?” and followed him inside as Ollie repeated himself multiple times. But according to last night’s episode, Ollie muttered “red-headed cabbage patch kid” instead of his original rant.

And you thought it was real…


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