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100 Year Old Jessie Burke Woman Shot Dead

by | 2nd, September 2008

JESSIE Burke is the victim of anti-ageist murderer. Jessie Burke was aged 100 when she was shot dead.

She may be the oldest murder victim in New York state history.

Police are hunting for the gunman who killed a 100-year-old woman in her home in the Hamptons.

CBS 2 HD got reaction Monday from stunned neighbors.

Just over the bridge and off a peninsula from Sag Harbor, the tiny 2-and-half square mile village of North Haven, where residents were stunned to learn of the murder of one of East End’s oldest residents.

“Obviously, this type of crime is out of character for the area, but also a 100-year-old woman being shot is unique,” said Suffolk County Homicide Det. Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick.

How many live long enough to be shot at 100?


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