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Police Log: In The Brown Tuff And Saving A Doll In Japan

by | 3rd, September 2008

POLICE LOG: Crime in the news…

Man Hides In Toilet

Police said Knight broke into a truck in the mall parking lot, taking a $500 digital camera and the owner’s manual. He had just jimmied the door of a second when its owner spotted him, the police report said. Knight took off, leaving behind a shoe and the screwdriver he used to break into the trucks, police said.

The owner of the second truck and a friend chased Knight who tried hiding in a portable toilet at a construction site, police said. The owner and friend found Knight and tipped over the toilet to keep him there until police arrived.

Knight was covered with its contents, police said.

Breathing Life Into A Doll

Police in Japan are trying to determine whether they were the victim of a hoax after a “body” they found wrapped at a seaside resort was actually a life-sized doll.

Investigators found what seemed like a body in a forest in Izu City, a seaside resort in central Japan, after an anonymous caller reported seeing it, a state spokeswoman said.

Investigators felt it from outside but never actually looked inside, and brought it back to the city police station for a post-mortem examination, she said.

Apparently no one doubted a human body was inside until a medical examiner unwrapped it and found a doll there, she said.

An even better story had it come alive…

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