Anorak News | Master Kong Con: Chinese Bottled Water Is Polluted Tap

Master Kong Con: Chinese Bottled Water Is Polluted Tap

by | 4th, September 2008

IN China, the Master Kong bottled water is on sale. It’s dee-lish-ooos.

The TV advert says the mineral water, sold in Beijing for 1.5 yuan a bottle, is made of “high-quality water source” (优质水源).

The “high-quality water source” is also known as tap water. But there is a twist: you have to boil the wonder product before it”s safe to drink.

Today’s Chinese Business View reported that on September 2, Master Kong apologized to the public, saying that the company “didn’t make it clear enough and has caused misunderstanding among its customers.”

It’s a victory for the web.

The affair started in July with a post on Tianya, a popular forum. In the post, the author gave a description of the factory with details that disgusted many readers. The author concluded that Master Kong’s factory in Hangzhou must use the tap water because it is nowhere near any natural water source, except the polluted Qiantan River.

Old Mr Anorak advises repackaging it as ‘Lilt Asia’ and making a fortune…

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