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Joey Barton Fails To See Red

by | 5th, September 2008

“WHO does Joey Barton think he is?” asks the Mirror’s front-page headline.

Given the haircut and the Scouse accent, we’d say George Harrison. But did Beatle George ever kick someone in the head and stub out a cigar out on a lad’s eyeball?

Before we can guess again, the Mirror says Barton has been seen committing the heinous act of driving in the bus lane. Scum, is a word that springs to mind.

And this is not all. The Mirror also says Barton did dash a red light and cut up other drivers. Scum. And double scum.

Says one outraged onlooker: “I just can’t believe his arrogance.”

Inside and “swaggering” (can you swagger when you drive? Discuss) Joey Barton is the “rogue in the Range Rover”.

The “Voice of The Mirror” says: “D’ohey Barton – Road hog football thug Joey Barton is as dangerous behind the wheel as he is on the street or on a training ground.”

And we return to that aforesaid onlooker who is nursing a bleeding eye and lying in a heap on the street…


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