Anorak News | Artist Feeds Death Row Inmate To Goldfish

Artist Feeds Death Row Inmate To Goldfish

by | 5th, September 2008

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GENE Hathorn has been on death row since 1985. He will soon taste freedom, as a goldfish will taste him.

When Hathorn is fried, artist Marco Evaristti, “the bad boy of the Danish art scene”, will use his body as an art installation. Says Evaristti in The Art newspaper:

My aim is to first deep freeze Gene’s body and then make fish food out of it. Visitors to my exhibition will be able to feed goldfish with it.”

Mr Hathorn shall be taken from this place, electrocuted until quite dead, then drawn, quartered and shaved into gulp-sized pieces.

The one fear is that if we are what we eat, then this fish will become a killer of the very worst kind and need to be killed by the throwing of an electic toaster into its compund of death…

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