Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: UK Cops Get Their Man, Morocco And Anorak PI

Madeleine McCann: UK Cops Get Their Man, Morocco And Anorak PI

by | 7th, September 2008

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SUNDAY PEOPLE: “McCanns: UK cops would have found our Maddie”

The British cops always their man, or a man. It might not be the right man, but they always get a man – well, nearly always.

Madeleine McCann might have been found by now if she had vanished in Britain, her parents insist. Kate and Gerry said cops here have more experience of tracing kidnap victims than Portuguese police.

Here’s what “heart expert” Gerry said:

“I don’t have any doubt it would have been different if Madeleine had disappeared in a British city.”

Are their tapas bars in Leicester?

GLASGOW SUNDAY MAIL: “Cops Failed Us – Mccanns Slam Maddie Hunt Detectives”

Says Gerry McCann:

“Morocco is a good example of what went wrong with the investigation.”

Morocco, where Metodo 3 went looking for our Maddie?

“A sighting was reported at a garage near Marrakech and it was said there were cameras at the petrol pump. Inspectors concluded there weren’t. There were in the shop. When police returned the tape was recorded over.”

That a fact?

MAIL ON SUNDAY: “I’ll fund the McCanns until they find Maddie, vows double-glazing tycoon Kennedy”

Double-glazing magnate Brian Kennedy, 48, said he would use his estimated £450million fortune to back the couple as long as Madeleine remained missing.

Anorak is pleased to announce the foundation of Anorak PI – Call us on 0800 CASH COW – NOW!

Madeleine’s Fund is already paying investigators Metodo 3, Control Risks, Oakley International and an unnamed fourth company.

Have they found here? No. No. And no. Call us…

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