Anorak News | Police Log: Collecting Rainwater Is Illegal In Utah

Police Log: Collecting Rainwater Is Illegal In Utah

by | 7th, September 2008

POLICE LOG: Crime in the news…

Catching rainwater is against the law in Utah

Car dealer Mark Miller wanted to do pretty much the same thing on a bigger scale. He collects rainwater on the roof of his new building, stores it in a cistern and hopes to clean cars with it in a new, water-efficient car wash. But without a valid water right, state officials say he can’t legally divert rainwater. “I was surprised. We thought it was our water,” Miller said.

At what height does it become the state’s water?

State officials say it’s an old legal concept to protect people who do have water rights. Boyd Clayton, the deputy state engineer, said, “Obviously if you use the water upstream, it won’t be there for the person to use it downstream.”

“Utah’s the second driest state in the nation. Our water laws ought to catch up with that,” Miller says.

Dry. Like the humour…

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