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Marilyn Wann Comes Out For Fat Pride

by | 7th, September 2008

MARILYN  Wann is fat. She wants fat people to feel good about being fat. She is for fat pride:

Marilyn Wann, who weighs 285 pounds or 129 kilos, had her health insurance denied on the grounds of weight alone. This spurred her into becoming the leader of the so-called fat pride movement in the United States. She openly identifies herself as ‘fat’ and calls for society to change.

Says she:

“I don’t ask anyone else for permission to exist. Whether or not you want to ask me if I have a right to be fat or not, I claim it.

I grew up as a chubby kid. I think there’s sort of an implied question of ‘Why are fat people fat?’ and I notice that we don’t ask the same question ‘Why are these thin people so thin? What did they do wrong to be so thin?’

Dear Anroak, I’m a fat, Jewish, gay, black jhihadi with persecution issues…

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