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Food And Fat: The Death Of Billy Bunter

by | 8th, September 2008

HOW fat are we? The Sun knows.

We are now so fat that a schoolgirl has had to be cut free from her skirt.

And a boy has had have a 58-inch blazer specially made.

The talk is of “Billy Bunter”-sized clothes. Indeed, dear reader, in such a time of fat children, can we not have a new point of reference?

By now, Bunter would either be dead or have lost weight on his keep-fit work out.

What’s more, Bunter is now the average size for school child and is no longer relevant to the needs of today’s fat-focused media. Anorak demands a new comic book hero, and wants our artists to rise to the challenge.

A big piece of paper to all artists – a bigger piece of paper to winning artists.

Says a worker at Hewittt’s child outfitters in Croydon: “Kids are getting bigger.”

Tomorrow: Policemen are getting younger…

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