Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: British Police, Madeline And The Maddie Weather Warning

Madeleine McCann: British Police, Madeline And The Maddie Weather Warning

by | 9th, September 2008

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MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS: “Top cops to join Maddie hunt?”

TOP former detectives from Greater Manchester Police could be recruited by the team trying to finding missing Madeleine McCann.

A question. And a “could”. Facts. Who he:

Chief Supt Steve Heywood, head of the serious crime division of Greater Manchester Police, has been asked to provide a list of retired or about-to-retire officers. It is understood that he is now considering the list provided by GMP. Among the list of “senior investigating officers” is former Det Supt Andy Tattersall.

What’s he done, then?

Mr Tattersall co-wrote with another Manchester detective, Tony Cook, the `A to Z checklist of murder investigation’ which is used by police forces across the country. He also worked on the investigation into the murder of special branch officer Stephen Oake which ended in the jailing of terrorist Kamel Bourgass.

A book

But Mr Tattersall was also involved in the Jill Dando murder case which identified Barry George as the culprit. Mr Tattersall insisted the conviction was safe but it was quashed on appeal.

Just the man…

SCARBOROUGH TODAY: “Euro-MPs push for Madeline system”

Yeah, Madeline. You say Maddie. They Say Maddy. We say Madeleine. The Scarborough Evening News says Madeline….

Conservative Edward McMillan-Scott and Liberal Democrat Diana Wallis have called on members states to take action following the tragic disappearance of English youngster Madeline McCann.

They want a roadside alert system.

Mr McMillan Scott said: “We need to encourage Member State governments to take up the mantle. If we can afford to issue severe weather warnings, we can also afford to issue warnings about missing children.”

Thar’s a hurricane comin’…

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