Anorak News | New Jab To Lance Boil Of Fat People

New Jab To Lance Boil Of Fat People

by | 9th, September 2008

THE Express tells of a new “Jab that stops obsess people feeling hungry.”

Anorak has long advocated the old jab, where the thin person elbows fatty in the tenderloin and says: “Don’t you think you’ve had enough?”

But the paper says this new jab is terrific.

Scientists “have discovered that overweight people lack an ‘I’m full’ hormone to stop them eating.”

They eat all the time do fat people. They never stop. They say the fat even eat in their sleep…

Experts predict the breakthrough will lead to a pill which suppresses the appetite – just like the hormone that triggers the brain to feel full.

A pill? What of the headline “jab”?

Can harpoons not be adapted for purpose? Or can our London Olympic javelin throwers not be employed to lance the boil that is obesity?

We should be told…

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