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How A Toilet Can Be A Crap Museum For Your Installations

by | 11th, September 2008

HANK Robar, of Potsdam, has removed two broken toilets from the property he owns on Market Street. And that is good.

Now seven remain.

Says Mr Robar: “It’s different. It’s art. People look at it.”

Old Mr Anorak agrees. Art becomes art when people look at it. For such reasons he keeps Anorak’s Vomit In Sock installation hanging from a peg by his backdoor. And the Back Of His Hand has been designated as a gift to the nation.

But Robar is making a point about laws and Dunkin Donuts.

Two years ago, Robar wanted the property rezoned from residential to commercial so it could be used for a convenience store or fast food outlet.

But village officials refused and his plans went down the toilet.

“Dunkin Donuts offered to buy it. They wouldn’t give me a special use permit for it,” said Robar.

So the matter will go to the law. And in the meantime, if you are caught shot in Potsdam, do as Marcel Duchamp did and tell ‘em its art…

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