Anorak News | All George Clooney’s Films Flop, But Kidman Is Box Office Hell

All George Clooney’s Films Flop, But Kidman Is Box Office Hell

by | 12th, September 2008

GEORGE Clooney. All his films are box office disasters:

Last year’s Michael Clayton brought in less than $50 million in American receipts. Good Night and Good Luck’s fared little better, grossing just five times its $7 million budget. Syriana, the cerebral thriller set all around the world, grossed $50,824,620 domestically, just 824 grand more than its production cost. The Good German? $1.3 million in the States. And earlier this year, Leatherheads, Clooney’s biggest flop to date, brought in just $40,666,628 worldwide after being produced for $58 million.

Ocean’s 11 did quite well… But, his films aren’t all box office gold. But neither are Nicole Kidman’s:

Nicole Kidman is the most overpaid celebrity in Hollywood, US business magazine Forbes said.

The Hours actress, who won an Oscar in 2003, topped the magazine’s second annual list of most overpaid stars, taking the top spot from fellow Australian Russell Crowe.

Kidman’s films were estimated to only earn one US dollar (57p) for every dollar the 41-year-old actress was paid, compared with eight US dollars (£4.57) a year ago.

The Invasion, a remake of the 1956 classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers, lost 2.68 US dollars (£1.53) for every dollar earned by Kidman, who was reportedly paid 17 million US dollars (£9.7 million) for her role.

Forget the hype. Why not use a new actress and make the film better?

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