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Anorak Pets: Super Bichon Frise Saves Man

by | 13th, September 2008

IS the Bichon Frise the dog of herioc deed, a Superdog trapped inside an ambulatory puffball skirt?

To New York, where Lexi is taking a Linda Deutsch for walk. But Super Bichon will not get on the elevator. Has it heard the sad news of its cousin in Brighton? For shame!

But hark, the New York Daily News says Lexi is making towards Apartment 4-L. Deutsch follows, obediently. She hears faint cries for help coming from inside the apartment.

“She kept pulling away,” says Deutsch. “I didn’t hear anything at first, but then I heard the cry for help.”

Humans. Usless. You need to be Super Bichon to sense danger.

The building caretaker opened the door and found Charles Postler, 85, a deacon at nearby St. Patrick’s Church, lying on the floor and speaking incoherently. Tongues? Maybe. More likely a stroke or seizure…

Anorak Pets: A Bichon Frisé Misses The Lift

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