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Big Brother Star In Double Murder Horror

by | 17th, September 2008


How we hope that this crime was caught on CCTV. Better had it been enacted in the house for our entertainment, but, fingers crossed, maybe next time a hissy fit can escalate into something worth watching.

Hopefully Kate Lawler, Big Brother winner emeritus, can tell all when the media catches up with her. As the Star says, two people have been butchered and:

“The TV star fled as the young women die in a blood-drenched flat yards from her city apartment.”

Well, at least there lives had purpose and meaning.

Have ports and TV studios been notified? Lawyer is blonde, thin and if you point a camera at her she may well smile back and flash her knickers.

Indeed, inside the paper and there is picture of smiling Kate. Our blood runs cold. “The pair were killed in a sustained attack” in the Jupiter Buildings, Birmingham.

Lawler must be found.

And then a man is stopped as he tries to board a ferry at Dover. Is he the killer?

If so then Kate is no longer wanted, unless it is to tell the papers of her pain and her anguish…

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