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Martin Bright Survives Gordon Brown’s Mafioso Tactics

by | 17th, September 2008

MARTIN Bright, New Statesman political editor,

BUT the best piece of the weekend was by Nick Cohen in the Observer, who identified a canker eating at the heart of Gordon Brown’s 10 Downing Street. In a piece with the glorious headline Call Off Your Mafioso Aides, Mr Brown, Cohen condemns the briefing operation carried out against Brown’s critics such as Ivan Lewis. He concludes:

Many are now grasping that no law says Gordon Brown is the only Labour politician allowed to use the sneak attack; that nothing in the Labour party’s constitution prevents his targets responding in kind.As rebels challenge his leadership this weekend, Brown should make his case for continuing in power honourably and fight his critics in the open. If he does not, he will find that the tactics of his made men will destroy his premiership.

As someone who has experienced at first hand the inept mafioso tactics of Brown’s political gangsters, I could not agree more.

Harry has more.

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