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Global Warming Kills Dutch People, By Accident

by | 18th, September 2008

GLOBAL warming and why the Dutch should be very afraid:

The first-ever scientific study into the health effects of global warming on the Dutch population says it will lead to hundreds of additional deaths. Thousands of additional people are expected to develop skin cancer or contract Lyme’s disease after tick bites.

Or trip over polar bears…

More people will suffer from asthma or allergies because more pathogenic organisms such as mites will survive the warmer winters. Elderly people in particular will be at risk from the higher temperatures. Dozens of additional deaths a day occur in heatwaves.

But you can’t get heatstroke when you’re drowned, can you?

As you can see, sea levels were higher during the Medieval Warm Period (1000 years ago) than the depths of the Little Ice Age (550 years ago) and are currently between those two extremes today. It’s also apparent that the sea-levels have been broadly rising since at least the end of the last Ice Age.

The Dutch can float. Wooden clogs can help. People with big feet may live longer.

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