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Laughing At The Unemployed City Boy Terrorists

by | 19th, September 2008

THE Mirror is celebrating the loss of so many jobs in the City. Thousands – secretaries, traders, money makers, revenue, caterers, wealth generators, bar staff, cleaners and more – are looking at redundancy and the Mirror, voice of the worker, is delighted:

Brian Reade:

But I’m still laughing so hard at the sight of those City Boys departing Avarice Towers with their possessions in champagne boxes, that my face is redder than a glistening new Ferrari.

Or redder than an unpaid utility bill. Happily he then wishes death upon them.

“The fate of these reckless Young Turks is the reverse of that promised to al-Qaeda suicide bombers. They’ve been in Heaven, had their 72 lap-dancers and their reward is now living in Hell where they are impoverished, bitter and universally despised.”

Reade’s co-columnist Paul Routledge also calls for death:

“In China, financial crooks get a bullet in the back of the head. Y’know, I think they might be on to something.”

Or as the Labour supporting Mirror also puts it elsewhere:

“The Government’s economic crisis deepened yesterday as unemployment rocketed to the highest levels in almost a decade.”

Happy days…

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