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Cosmetic Surgery: Making Over The Daily Mail

by | 19th, September 2008

“COSMETIC cowboys could cost you your life, women warned,” announces the Mail.

Men called Billy-Bob dressed in chaps and surgical masks are using “irresponsible adverts to seduce them [women] into having operations”.

Many procedures advertised – such as lunchtime facelifts and discount five-in-one operations – are at best ineffective and at worst dangerous, the experts say.

Are you getting your five in a day?

Speaking at the BAAPS annual conference, Mr McGeorge, a consultant plastic surgeon, said: “We are very concerned about the quality of adverts in some women’s magazines… Many of these adverts have been touched up and are encouraging false expectations of cosmetic surgery.”

For shame.

The Mail would never resort to photo trickery to make a point, would it?

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