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The Paedo King Of London’s East End

by | 19th, September 2008

THE Paedo King is upon us. He’s a new kind of paedo Leader. That; him in the picture, the star of the BBC’s fly-on-the soap EastEnders documentary.

People are up in arms. Or at least a person is: “Viewer fury over Enders paedo plot,” says the Sun.

The row comes as it was revealed actor Chris Coghill, 34, is under 24-hour police protection over fears he will be attacked for playing paedo King

Says the paedo king:

“It is quite unnerving.”

Indeed. There are a lot of funny people out there…

Have you prepared yourself for the backlash on the streets when Tony becomes the most hated soap character in Britain?
“I haven’t prepared myself yet, but I’ll be going out to buy myself a very large hat, wig and a false moustache! Obviously there’s a small proportion of the public that believe soaps are real, but I do put my faith in the other 99.9% of the population that would probably just say ‘oh, there’s that actor who plays Tony’ rather than ‘there’s that nasty man from EastEnders.’

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