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How The Media Accepts Parpody As Fact

by | 20th, September 2008

A FEW months back, Anorak receied a call from Tiger Aspect, a TV production company.

The excited researcher wanted to know the contact details of Barry Richards, 16, a pupil at the Wat Tyler comprehensive in Grays, and a leading member of the Essex Young Conservatives. You can read about him here.

Now Anorak’s friend in the US, 14, writes from the US about how one of her satirical works – the Urban Satchel –  has been accepted as true by the mainstream press.

Much to my delight, an alert reader has informed me that the NY Edition of The Metro has used my Urban Satchel in a fluff article about women’s handbags.

When I first saw it, I thought it was an Onion-type parody newspaper — but it’s real. Not only did they use my image as an illustration, they included my fakery under “Purse Facts”. Unbelievable! I created that bag after gluing collected trash (including a shrimp tail and a used band-aid) onto an old purse AND I deliberately misspelled “Louie Vuitton” – which they printed.

That’s almost as bad as the German TV show that featured our images of the Stella McCartney Heather Mills Jewelry Collection on their morning show as the real thing. Makes you wonder what other trickery the media publicizes as fact.

It’s how the media works – someone says something, another person agrees and it becomes fact…

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