Anorak News | Police Log: Man Impales Rectum On Fence

Police Log: Man Impales Rectum On Fence

by | 20th, September 2008

POLICE LOG: Crime in the news…

SIYANDA Pasiwe says he was drinking somewhere in East London, South Africa.

And being drunk he did what anyone would do and decided to climb over the fence of a museum and sleep it off. As he says:

“I woke up and decided to continue walking home, but when I saw a tree I thought I would be able to jump to the other side.”

He climbs. He falls. A 30cm pike pierces his rectum.

“I thought that the electric fence had a mechanism to keep me glued to it.”

He does not scream for help. Why? Because he is breaking in with intent to steal an artefact? No, says he. He is not screaming for help because he feels no pain.

With the morning, come the fire and rescue workers. With an angle grinder, they cut the steel spike off the fence.

Pasiwe is damaged severely. He is taken to hospital…


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