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Left-Wing Bloggers Love The Banking Crisis

by | 21st, September 2008

IT’S not just the Mirror’s writers that love the financial meltdown and who wish death on the traders:

The majority of left-wing blogs are absolutely loving the financial crisis. It’s the rapture of the marxists.”

As he notes: “Why, they haven’t been this happy since Enron“:

It’s the end-game of neo-liberalism, where only money and self-interest in terms of getting more of it matters. How can other values be re-elevated, to save capitalism from itself? And is the Yank’s version of capitalism really the one we should emulate? I hope lots of experts jump on this example to really learn from it conceptually, rather than pick at the edges of it. And I wonder whether Enron is just the beginning of the unwinding of the Yank’s economic miracle and will finally break the dominance of the neo-liberal “value system”.

Aren’t you glad you’re Chinese..?

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