Anorak News | Young Terrorists Bring Down England’s Twin Towers

Young Terrorists Bring Down England’s Twin Towers

by | 22nd, September 2008

OMAR Bakri remains the face of UK-based Islamic extremism. Sure, Bakri is now living in Lebanon, but with no replacement forthcoming, he is the country’s No.1 nutter.

The mad mullah is today being used to illustrate the Star’s story that the Al Mahajiroun group, founded by Bakri and banned in the UK, “plans its own Twin Towers-style terror attack”.

Anorak’s man inside the group tells us that Al Mahajiroun is ready to claim responsibility for the Twin Towers attack on Wembley Stadium.

All agencies should note that Al Mahajiroun is now operating under the name Salafi Youth Movment, a moniker that seeks to inject fresh vim and a dah of teenage angst into the brand.

Omar Bakri is 19…

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