Anorak News | The Lone Ranger Theme Drives Californian’s Tonto

The Lone Ranger Theme Drives Californian’s Tonto

by | 22nd, September 2008

TO Avenue K in the Californian desert of Lancaster.

You drive, and as you drive you wheels pass over grooves cut into the road surface that play the Lone Ranger theme.

Yes, it’s the famous Rossini overture. Now, that’s driving music to drive you Tonto. Says Donna Martin in the Daily Breeze newspaper:

“I think it’s terrible because it keeps me awake at night. You can kind of tell it’s music, but it’s not any tune or notes. It’s a scratchy sound, a high-pitch drone.”

Everyone’s a critic.

But while the road is silenced, and the music banned, Old Mr Anorak has decreed that the Million Mile Walk that serves as the corridor to his inner sanctum is made musical.

Now anyone approaching with the purpose of asking for money, heating and light can step along and here as they go the opening stutter to 2Unlimited’s seminal 1980s hit No Limit.

No. No. No, no, no, no… No, no, no, n… And so on…

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