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Pilgrim Fathers Invite Al Qaeda To Bring This Shit Home

by | 22nd, September 2008

WHO’S harder: Al-Qaeda or the Apache Indians? Andrew Sullivan knows.

Says JF Beck:

Appearing on Bill Maher’s Real Time, British subject Andrew Sullivan raves about a President’s obligation to protect “our constitution”, claims that the British ignored the IRA’s bombing campaigns (other than tightening security) and says that the “first Americans” would have reacted more appropriately to the Islamic terrorism threat:

The first Americans would say to al Qaeda come and kill us, we will never give up our freedoms, that’s why we came here. These people [the Bush administration] throw away our freedoms for the sake of phony security you can’t even secure permanently.

Sullivan’s wrong: Thomas Jefferson didn’t dare the Barbary Pirates – the Islamic terrorists of the day – to “come and kill us”, he sent in the Marines. Military action seeing the U.S. ending tribute payments in 1815 despite some European nations continuing to pay off the pirates until the 1830s. Thus the Barbary terrorism threat was permanently neutralised.

How to Islamic pirates speak. Allahhhhh, me hearties…

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