Anorak News | Culling Time: Big Brother’s Jen Promises To Kill Sara

Culling Time: Big Brother’s Jen Promises To Kill Sara

by | 24th, September 2008

ANORAK calculates that there are still five more permutations for Big Brother housemates to work: Sara has yet to shag Jen, who has yet to shag Mo, who has yet to shag Steph, who has yet to shag Mario who has yet to be admitted to The Priory.

Today the Star reports that Sara has been involved in “girlie romps” with Jen.

On page 19, readers see a picture of Sara fashioning her naked hands into an emergency bra for Jen, whom the Star’s snapper has caught dressed only in her knickers (white).

In another picture, Jen is sat astride Sara (lying on her front) and brandishing a knot of leather rope. The promise is that Jen is about to garrotte Sara, who smiles broadly.

It might be that after everyone has shagged everyone else, the female Big Brother housemates dress as black widow spiders and kill the men before killing each other.

And the EU celebrity mountain grows slightly smaller…

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