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Man Accsued Of Farming While Black

by | 24th, September 2008

ZIMBABWEAN David Mwanaka rents a field off Mountsorrel Lane, in Rothley, Leicestershire.

In the course of a week, neighbours have called the police on him on three occasions. His office: Farming While Black.

The 42-year-old, thought to be one of only two black farmers in Britain, was questioned by police officers for over 30 minutes on Saturday following a call reporting a suspected theft.

Says he:

“I was just picking the maize when I went to the edge of the field and saw three or four police cars and some officers walking towards me. They asked me what I was doing and I told them I was cropping my maize.”

Don’t you get smart with us, sonny…

“It happened on Saturday, then on Monday, then again Wednesday. It was the same story – ‘Who owns the land? What are you doing here?’.”

Anorak thinks it easier to tell the police what they want to hear. Say:

  • “I’m looking for your chief, The Green Giant, I want to thank him for letting me live in your wonderful country, sah”
  • “Thank f*** you’re ‘ere. I was kidnapped in Sarf London and driven her by a gang of racist white yoofs”
  • “I am stealing maize to pay for my crack habit”

All more believable to some helmet-encased ears than:

“I had to explain again that I rent the land. They did the police checks again – it was the same process – and then they left. They were very nice and it was not a problem.”

He goes on:

“I told the police if it happened again they should know it’s me by now and not bother, but I’m just waiting for it to happen. Maybe it’s because people have never seen a black man. I honestly don’t blame anyone. They are probably just not used to seeing black people working in the fields here… It is just ignorance. The police should realise, but they have all been nice to me.”

Maybe if he grew cotton instead, people wold think he looked more in place…


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