Anorak News | McCartney Plays Israel And The Super Furry Animals Die

McCartney Plays Israel And The Super Furry Animals Die

by | 25th, September 2008

PAUL McCartney is to play Israel, and the suicide bomber will try to hit a moving target as Macca’s head wobbles this way and that.

“We have worked it out,” says the Indy’s front page

All you need is 5,000 bodyguards – £1.5million security blitz to protect Macca from security threats,” says the Mirror, in words that Yasser Arafat look-alike Ringo Starr would put to music.

But what if… what if Macca is killed?

No worries because Gary Lightbody, a player with the Snow Patrol band, says:

“I think they’re our generation’s Beatles. They should be a giant, absolutely massive band because they’ve made some of the greatest pop music ever.”

It’s the Super Furry Animals, naturally. Would the terrorists kills furry little animals?

Yes. Once you’ve killed grandma, anything goes…

Omar Bakri Beats The Drum For Paul McCartney In Israel

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