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Airbags For Randy Old People

by | 25th, September 2008

A JAPANESE company says it has made an airbag designed to stop elderly people injuring themselves by falling over.

Nasty falls, however, may be things of the past — thanks to the invention of the human airbag.

Simply strap the 2½lb (1.1kg) pouch around the waist and the wearer is armed with the cutting edge of protection. Sensors detect movement and have been programmed to know when things have gone wrong — a slip on something wet, a stumble on an uneven paving stone or a fall down stairs.

Within a tenth of a second, the airbags inflate to the size of three footballs as they are blasted into action with 15 litres of compressed gas, offering a soft slab of padding on the most vulnerable parts of the body in a fall: the back of the head and the bottom.

And it doubles as a bed for when the moment surges…

The price tag on the device — about £700 — offers a hint at just how big the “silver yen” has become as a business proposition.

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